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Here at IPM Sounds, we understand that music is one of the most important elements of any multimedia project.

Amazing movies, games, corporate video or adverts deserve amazing music!

We produce incredible music and audio tracks exclusive and perfectly synchronized to your movie or video.

Clients include: Blue Motion Studio, Red Sound Studio, UBS Bank, Chanel, L'Oreal, Varta, Loescher, De Agostini Scuola, Helbling

Our Work

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  • Epic Time, composed by Marcello Vigilante, is the perfect track for cinematic trailers and epic advertising.
  • This tune offers a soft melodic guitar full of emotion. It could fit any romantic or poignant setting.
  • A laid back and relaxing track, suitable for a wide variety of projects.
  • This is a collection of deep, dark and tension soundscapes, that are perfect for movies and games
  • A track that is full of inspiration and motivation. Uplifting melodies and harmonies bring about positive emotions and feelings of accomplishment.
  • This track is positive, upbeat and full of motivation and enthusiasm. A style best suited for for business advertising, presentations, source music and commercial advertising.
  • This track has a happy, lively and bouncy vibe. It is perfect for upbeat, motivational corporate videos or advertising and has strong commercial appeal.
  • A motivational, exciting track that portrays a winning attitude. Ideal for video projects, product presentation, marketing purposes, websites and personal ipod.
  • Another cheerful and happy track with a positive vibe. Perfect for advertising needs, children’s projects, YouTube videos, video games and more.
  • An upbeat, happy track that’ll make you click your fingers. Suitable for TV programs, children cartoons as well as corporate and motivational videos.

Why use our bespoke music?

Top quality results

All our tracks are professionally produced, mixed and mastered.
You will receive a top quality product ready to be used.

Custom made music

A pro movie, game or advertisement requires a perfectly synced track that matches the feeling and transitions of your project.
Differently from online music stores, we create a custom made track cut especially for you.

Happy Customers

All our customers are happy and enthusiastic with their final result.
Our music is made exactly as you want.

Completed in time

We respect your deadlines. Before you sign up we will inform you of the final release date.

Exclusive option

Tracks available on regular stock music stores are shared with all customers.
We can produce exclusive and ghost production.

No unauthorized samples

We never use unauthorized samples or MIDI so you can use all our productions in any media.

About Us

Our Team

Giorgio Rebecchi

Originally from Milan, Giorgio Rebecchi is a freelance Music Producer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the industry working for high profile music production studios, record labels and international artists.
The founder of IPM Sounds, he has worked with a wealth of premium Italian and international customers.

Marcello Vigilante

Marcello Vigilante is a Music Producer and Audio Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the industry.
He has worked with the Morning Studio for 10 years - the top recording studio of the 80s/90s.
This experience allowed him to start working as freelance Music Producer, Sound Designer and Recording Engineer who has completed many national and international TV/radio productions.



The chief mix and mastering engineer of Red Sound Studio (London) is now a partner of IPM Sounds.


We are pleased to work with the experienced Audio Engineer and Sound Designer of Blue Motion Studio (London).


You will receive a preview of your work before completion and we offer unlimited revisions.
If you are unhappy with our services for any reason, we will not ask for payment and will refund any payment made.

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