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Do you want to sound as good as your favourite artist? Request our professional online mix & mastering service.

Why pro audio mixing?

Mixing is a fundamental part of your music, it is the glue that binds all your sonic elements together. A professional mix can transform your track into a smash hit.
For this reason professional audio engineers are employed to mix today’s top tracks, using acoustical treated studios and using the best, top quality equipment.

Why pro audio mastering?

The mastering process is the last step in music production. It provides the final tone, stereo image and loudness to your track.



If you are short on time, do not have access to a professional/mixing and mastering studio with high quality equipment, lack the experience of mixing, want a fresh pair of ears, but need your tracks to be as good as other commercial tracks, then this is the service for you.


This takes several tracks and exports them into groups called "stems" which we then mix and master for you.
This is a cheaper service than the full mix, but we have more control over your track than mastering a single audio file alone.


If you have a professionally mixed track, we can do the mastering for you.
This mastering process will not compensate for a non-professionally mixed track, you need both professional mixing and mastering to create a final product that is as good as other commercial tracks.


Make us your preferred partner for audio processing, mixing and mastering.
  • Only top quality results
    More than 10 years professional business experience.
    All works are performed by skilled audio engineers in a professional studio.
  • Specialists in Electronica, Pop and Rock
    We have two audio engineers:
    • Giorgio: specialized in EDM, Trance, House and Electronic genres
    • Filip: specialized in Pop and Rock
  • 100% Online service with fast delivery
    No need to wait a long time for your master, quick online delivery.
    We also offer physical studio sessions and skype sessions.
  • Custom-tailored for you
    Our mixing and mastering always respects your creative style and artistic ideas.
    Want it bright and warm or dark and moody? No problem – our mix / mastering is custom-tailored for you.
  • Fantastic Team
    We are fast, communicative, and collaborative and work well together to achieve amazing final results.
  • Revision
    We keep you updated during the project sending you samples for revision and always follow your suggestions.


An excellent piece of mastering cannot compensate for a non professional piece of mixing! If you haven’t got excellent mixing skills, an acoustic treated studio and high quality mixing equipment then it is essential to use our full/stem mixing package.
If your mix has too many issues, mastering isn’t going to help much and it is better to use our mix and mastering package.

How it works

Send us your audio files following the instructions listed in our submission guide
We check your audio material and send you a PayPal request for 50%.
After receiving your payment, we will assign the most suitable audio engineer to you.
During the work we will send you intermediate previews to keep you updated.
When you are happy with the final result, pay the 50% balance and we will send you the final work.


Services Prices
Mastering 40€ (digital only)
50€ (analogue or hybrid)
Mix & mastering 80€ (max 8 stems)
110€ (max 12 stems)
110€ (max 12 stems)
130€ (max 24 stems)
150€ (max 30 stems)
190€ (max 48 stems)
Discount: 5% on 2nd track, 7.5% on 3rd track, 10% on 4+ tracks.

Submission Guide

STEP 1: Export tracks
Export your final bounce (for solo mastering) or stems. Please follow these precautions:
  1. Check that all tracks (or final bounce for solo mastering service) do not exceed -6 dB peak.
  2. Export all tracks aligned (all tracks must be exported from the same starting point) as Wave / AIFF, 24 bit, 44.100 without maximization and dithering.
  3. If you have grouped your tracks into stems please use this scheme:
    • Stem #1 – Kick
    • Stem #2 – Other drum
    • Stem #3 – Bass
    • etc.
STEP 2: Send us your tracks
You can use Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or your private web server. Send your link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
STEP 3: Send us references
Send us one or more reference tracks (mp3 or YouTube links are good). If you have chosen one of our mix services you can also send us a Rough Mix to help us understand your vision of the general balance of the track.


You will receive a preview of your work before completion and we offer unlimited revisions.
If you are unhappy with our services for any reason, we will not ask for payment and will refund any payment made.

Save 25% on all packs
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